Consequences of Hyundai motors Kashmir post disaster

South Korean automaker Hyundai faced outrage and boycott calls in India after a recent social media post from the company’s Pakistan unit did not go down too well with several in the country. Hyundai Pakistan posted a message on Twitter and Facebook on February 5, which was observed in Pakistan as ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’.

The posts were reportedly deleted later following outrage from Indian users on social media. Several tagged Hyundai India on Twitter questioning its thoughts on the post by the Pakistan counterpart. Several also called for a boycott of the brand in the Indian market, with #BoycottHyundaiindia beginning to trend.

Hyundai motors Kashmir post-disaster could cost hefty damage to Hyundai in both nations. This has become one of the major brand communication cases learning. Brand should generally not meddle with political stands.

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