Ashley Judd Is Walking Again.

Ashley Judd has been walking for six months unaided after breaking her leg in four places in a devastating accident in Congo in February. Ashley Judd posted an Instagram video of herself hiking in the Swiss Alps six months ago after breaking her leg in fourth place. Judd had been walking for more than six months before her most recent fall in Africa in February, which shattered her left leg in at least four places.

Ashley Judd is walking again after breaking her leg in a horror accident in the Congolese rainforest. Ashley Judd Image caption breaks leg in the rainforest in Africa Ashley Judd recovers from an eight-hour operation following her recent fall in Africa. The actress broke her leg when she stumbled in the Democratic Republic of Congo over a tree earlier this year. She posted an update on Instagram on Sunday, where she revealed that she is back on her feet.

Ashley Judd has offered the 53-year-old actress the latest update on her agonizing road to recovery, as she wrote in a long Instagram post. Judd posted a health update on Instagram with a series of photos and videos documenting her recovery journey since she started walking again. Image caption Judd posted a lengthy message about her recovery, sharing details of her progress with her doctors and fans and thanking them for thinking of her in recent months.

The 53-year-old actress and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador whose six-page post features videos and photos of her recent hike in a Swiss national park comes five months after her disastrous fall in the Democratic Republic of Congo in which her leg was cut in four places. Judd had stumbled into a fallen tree while walking in the Congolese rainforest in February and broke his leg. In February, actress Kristen Bell broke her leg in at least four places and suffered severe nerve damage after falling over the tree, which led to a 55-hour rescue mission in Congo.

The actress broke her legs after stumbling over a tree while visiting endangered bonobos and monkeys in the Democratic Republic of Congo and underwent treatment at Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa after a grueling 55-hour journey. On Sunday, Judd posted another update on Instagram, posting a photo of herself walking again. Judd has made immense progress since her last Instagram update in April on her health, when she shared that she was able to sleep at night but still has a long way to go.

Judd went up and down for hours without coming down, she gushed. Before her accident in February 2021, Judd worked on a bonobo conservation project in the Congolese rainforest. When she left, she saw no fallen tree on the way and fell into it, resulting in a 55-hour ordeal in which she lost her leg.

Ashley explained that the experience occurred after she stumbled over a fallen tree, which caused her to break her leg. She explained that she was out with two companions at dawn in a remote wooded area to watch bonobos when she accidentally stumbled over the tree, breaking her leg in four places. The next day, Judd walked up and down the Ticino Alps without exercising and felt how much of her endurance she had rebuilt.

Judd’s orthopaedic surgeon said she would walk again but gave no time frame, the Courier-Journal reported. Judd shared last week on Instagram with her boyfriend, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, her catastrophic accident early this month while hiking in the African country. Yves Judd, who said she has returned to walking, said she often visits the Central African country’s rainforest to protect the bonobos, an endangered ape.

Speaking of nature, Judd describes in detail how she feels comfortable and at home with her mind. While hiking in the SwissNational Park, Judd shared a video of herself hiking. Looking back at the last video for comparison, the actress has two months to try nature again before she can walk again.

She was transported in a hammock, followed by a five-hour motorcycle ride. When she got home, Ashley shared the experience from her hospital bed. He held my broken leg and heel, I held the shattered upper part of my back with two hands.

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