Keys to becoming irresistible.

Keys to becoming irresistible.

How often we come across a personality soft and appealing that we had long desired to hang around with. What is that quality which one asks for in his/her life partner? What is the quality that every employer always looks out in the candidate during job interviews? The character traits hold above all. When pressed with queries about these traits people would always stumble upon something common but likely to be not correct: honesty, humor, confidence, charisma, etc.. These may be the correct answer but not enough to sell oneself as a product.

If you were to run a principal component analysis gathering these traits and finally listing the traits on priority then you would be surprised that your top three listings would cover your most of the traits. These three traits, when found together, will create an ultimate attractive personality who is in command, in control of destiny, one who is both altruistic and intelligent.

1. Humility

Humility is an outward expression of an appropriate inner, or self-regard. It is a modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance and rank. This trait is the root of all growth, learning, and kindness. People who exhibit humility often let their work speak for itself.

2. Curiosity

Without curiosity, one cannot be enthralling and engaging. This drives an insatiable lust for knowledge, culture, experience, beauty, art, and connections. This universe is too large and ones time span is too short to ever remain fully satisfied in the pursuit of pioneering and experimenting. Frequently people always want to be surrounded by curious eyes routinely examining the world through renewed vision using it find fresh conclusions about the world.

3. Empathy

Empathy brings people closer and makes one comprehensible by others. Empathy breeds connection, compassion, and love. It is the ability to see the world through other eyes and cut the heart of their feelings and experiences. Empathy in simple words is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy lays the foundation for honesty. Honestly sharing someone else’s experience, pain, and joy. These three virtues are closely connected. Humility is how you value yourself, curiosity is how you value others and empathy is how you connect yourself to others.

Remember these three traits are important to becoming warm, intelligent and memorable. So next you are looking for a person to hire, date or hang around then look for these traits above any other virtues.

(Author- Emmy Michelle, personal understanding of some of the irresistible personalities. Rare blog in personality space and how to hone yourself to become that adorable personality pined and cherished by everyone.)

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