Sample case study- How they failed in Afghanistan.

Sample case study write-up completed few years back about what they should do in Afghanistan or risk loosing it.

Two pronged strategy to counter Terrorist Insurgency in Afghanistan

A glance on the ABC report on recent terrorist report on Afghanistan easily suggests that there is significant difference in people’s perception of the ongoing civil war after the US attack. The area wise difference is visible in the adjoining ABC report as well where there has been growing presence of Taliban in South Western province attached to Pakistan and Iran. Stratification on the sampling has been based on demographics neglecting the variation in Taliban dominance. If a map is drawn with the mean and variance of the same study it will reveal the areas where Taliban Insurgency is threatening to grow at faster rate. These would definitely be the areas where the development work after promise has not been up to the mark as a result people loosing their faith in new US-Karzai government coalitions. The strategic location and presence of Taliban in some province would also be the case. From the ABC report it is also clear that Opium is the primary source of income in the south west part of the Afghanistan, which is not desired by international community and as a result people tend to me more supportive of Taliban and Al-Qaida which had no issues with poppy cultivation. The issue of alternative source of people’s income becomes important, which the coalition government should clearly focus to root out Taliban support in Afghanistan. Increasing corruption is also leading to people resent with legitimate government. The condition of women has also not improved radically; their empowerment is still below satisfactory level.

The numbers in the poll clearly alienates the coalition forces claim that they would help people of Afghanistan from old problems of Taliban and Al-Qaida. The US attack to be followed by an era of development and peace using local resources could not be achieved in Afghanistan somewhat similar to the case in Iraq. Some of the regions where ISAF immediately need to focus with its increased presence and use of sub-continent soldiers has clearly emerged from this survey. South West province is clearly one. Cracking down on opium cultivation has to be sensitively handled and to be carried out mostly by the local authorities. Besides ISAF should now clearly focus more on the development of infrastructure to promote trade and other occupations among people in Afghanistan. ISAF should now focus itself on setting itself up as a welfare and peace keepers rather than a tough crusaders since much of the Taliban dominance has subsided in various parts of the country. The local authorities’ participation should be emphasized for reduced resentment as the power has to be slowly transferred to them only. But from the recent polling results it is evident that the war in Afghanistan may take a longer time than earlier calculation.

The ISAF should play a key role in looking after people’s welfare and one of the major strategies would be to increase budget expense to insulate people of Afghanistan from international inflation, so that they are more co-operative. ISAF should focus on schools for the children as the optimism with their children’s future will generate more support from the native Afghans. Similarly women empowerment and their presence in decision making should be augmented as they reduce the chances of non-violence.

Clearly the poll results indicate a radical shift in ISAF role in Afghanistan to quickly lead them on the path of peace and development. However they need to carry out two pronged strategies by going hard in the areas which has still emerged as Taliban dominant and on the other hand they have to be welfare oriented to root out the native support of Afghans. Two pronged strategy has to be employed to bring a unanimous decision among Afghans towards peace and prosperity.

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