Time Management Tips To Achieve Your Goals

Have you ever come to the end of a calendar year and thought, “where did the time go?” This year, I will not spend January 2nd being the “Man Who Fell Into a Guillotine” over the missed opportunities of a year ago. I’m already ahead of the game, and if I had not already been planning on the great things I want to achieve, this would have me tearing my hair out.

This is why, every January, I take time to create my goals for the coming year and map out my plans to meet those goals. I have a day to think about those goals and reflect on past successes or failures, get feedback, and plan how to move forward. I start this ritual around December 1st.

A couple of months ago, I even had a buddy of mine, Doug, come over and help me with writing my goals down. Doug owns a PR firm and we talked a bit about how to define specific goals. This allowed me to focus on specific goals that would allow me to reach my overall goal for 2017.

We created four columns to focus on goals. The first was an “Action” column. This included small steps that needed to be taken to get to the next goal. The third column was an “Impact” column. This column required me to think about the “why” behind the action or the goal. This gave me the opportunity to discuss why I wanted to achieve this goal. The final column was a “Measurable” column. This was the standard to which I held myself. I also wanted to make sure the goals I wrote down were measurable. After outlining my goals, I then spent some time reviewing my year from January 1st to December 31st.

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