Why You Are Not Earning Good Grades On Prospectus Writing

prospectus writing

What is Prospectus?

A research prospectus is part of the dissertation, which is primarily focused on providing a rational explanation of a problem. It involves a stepwise explanation of the solution, for the specific problem.

University prospectus writing requires proper validation of the steps and should involve the key elements that were considered while presenting the document.

Requirements for the Prospectus Writing:

  1. Choice of topic – Prospectus deals with providing valuable insight into specific problem. The topic chosen should have scope for a lot of research opportunities. Moreover, the topic should constitute a small portion of the entire subject.
  2. Gathering details – Subsequent to the choice of the topic, you need to conduct extensive research to provide valuable details in the prospectus. For an engineering student writing about the application of quantum computing to replace supercomputer in the near future. As per the example chosen, physics & computer science journals need to be looked into to gather information. Moreover, the viability of the solution needs to be checked after considering certain external factors. Moreover, block diagram, process, and images can be provided to make the prospectus look more alluring
  3. Framing Distinct Questions – Questions need to be framed to derive answers from the prospectus. Regarding the quantum computing the relevant questions maybe like :
    1. What are the advantages of the new quantum computing realm compared to the existing solution
    2. Is Quantum Computing really going to provide numerical solutions which were earlier abandoned because of the speed of the existing computers?
    3. Can quantum computers reach every house desk like the existing computers today?

Tips On Arranging Your Paper Like A Pro        

No one wants to submit a clumsy and unorganized prospectus. If you want to deliberate on  ‘how to write prospectus’ consisting of the key elements, then you might insert headers pertaining to the following aspects.

  • The main topic of the prospectus
  • Arranging the Questions
  • Impact of the Solution
  • Key elements
  • Personal Qualifications
  • Drafting of Chapters
  • Creating Different Relevant Sections
  • Mentioning Bibliography 

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