Dissertation structure and breakdown

We know that writing a thesis can seem daunting, so instead of just copying tips, suggestions, and strategies that you have no doubt come across elsewhere, we break down the abstract writing process into more manageable parts and provide you with step-by-step instructions.   

The structure and breakdown of a dissertation is the first thing that students pay attention to when they start writing the dissertation. Having a clear understanding of the word count for each chapter in your dissertation can help to ease your dissertation writing task. The following table provides a suggested structure and approximate word count for a thesis. 

This dissertation request is designed to be modified in accordance with the needs of the researcher and the agreements of his supervisor and his institution. Therefore, before starting to write a dissertation, we must have an idea of the structure and division of the words in different chapters of the dissertation. 

For this reason, you can also get help with the requirements and guidelines that your consultant has provided for your dissertation – the first thing is to get a thesis recommendation from your institution. This should outline the duration and academic qualifications you must display. An 8000-word thesis will have about 26 pages and more with the addition of a preliminary and final question that is not part of the word count. 

When writing a 10,000-word dissertation, the abstract and introduction should be 1,000 words – as some organizations require that methodology be included in the appendix – for example. In those 1000 words, you will need to define the research topic, form research questions, define the objectives of the dissertation and give an overview of the thesis.   

The chapter dedicated to the review of the dissertation literature makes up 30% of the entire dissertation volume, the volume of the dissertation literature review chapter is 30% of the dissertation volume, indicating that the dissertation research methodology section will be 1,500 words if the total word count in the dissertation is 10,000 words. 

The dissertation results section should focus on 5% of the total word count in the dissertation, that is if writing a 10,000-word thesis, the results section will contain 500 words and in this part, we need to do an in-depth analysis of the dissertation results relating to the main topics of the thesis. Let us clarify each of the chapters of the thesis to help you understand the structure and structure of a 10,000-word thesis. 

Now our abstract editors will walk you step by step through the entire abstract writing process. Depending on the guidelines, the subject matter, and the topic about which you are writing, the word count will vary: the following is the number of words in a thesis based on the 10,000-word limit.  

This section is the first to be included in your dissertation and consists of 10% of the total text – which can be up to 1000 words – you can calculate the breakdown of your thesis easily now that you know what percentage of words go into which section of your dissertation – it doesn’t matter if it is a 10,000-word dissertation or a 12,000-word dissertation (or more), because relationships are important. Just enter the total number of words and the calculator will give you the numbers marked with a checkmark.

Most of the dissertation length is between 10,000 and 15,000 words, but some may even go up to 30,000 words. This should be around 1000 words so that you can make up 10% of your 10,000 word thesis => Introduction 10% Literature Review 30% Methodology 15% Results / Results 5% Analysis / Discussion 30% Conclusions / Recommendations 10% That’s it. 

You are citing sources from which you have obtained information for your dissertation; if you can’t structure your document within the word limit, you can enlist help for your biology thesis.   

Some disciplines have an inherent expectation of structure. For example, in the social sciences one might expect to use the introduction / literature review / methods / results / discussion / conclusion model. In English, you may expect to print a topical thesis of six or more chapters with several topical chapters inserted between the introduction and the conclusion.

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